Everything you need to know about Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana was born on July 20 in 1947, to a Mexican-American family. He is famous for his Rock, jazz, Afro-Cuban and bluse in Latin sound.  Santana rose to fame as a guitarist between late 1960s and early 1970s when he created his own band called ‘Santana’ which was also pioneered in the fusion of Rock ‘n Roll and the Latin American jazz. His music in Latin style rose to popularity in the late 1990s. Sanatan’s work was listed in the Rolling Stone magazine in 2015 at no 20 on 100 of the most famous guitarists.

Early Life and Career

Carlos Santana was in born in 1947 on July 20. He started playing the violin at the age of five and then decided to play the guitar when he was eight years old, following the footsteps of his brother who was also a professional guitarist. He started the ‘Santana Blues Band’ in 1966. The band included artists from the various backgrounds by 1968 as Santana believed to have diversity in his band. Szabo’s work “Gypsy Queen” inspired Santana so much that it was later used in this composition “Black Magic Woman”. He also included the album “Mr Szabo” as a tribute to him. Despite being sexually assaulted at the age of 10 and 12, he came thought the situations and hardships in his life.


Carlos Santana was deeply influenced by famous artists such as T-bone Walker, John Lee Hooker and much other jazz and blues artists in 1950, which drew his attention away from college. He also actively participated in the growing hippie movement in the 1960s in San Francisco. After spending several years as a dishwasher, he finally decided to take up music as a full-time prof0ession. Once his work started being recognized by musicians, audience and artists, he was featured to play the guitar for albums of famous musicians like David Brown etc.

Commercial success

After having years of success in the musical field and industry, Santana kicked off his 1990s musical debuts in four different albums called ‘Spirits Dancing in the Fiesh’, ‘Milagro’, ‘Sacred Fire’ and ‘Brothers’. However, the sales of all the albums dropped, and eventually, there was no recording contract left for him to sign. Hence, he toured around the world to encourage young artists, which resulted in his most successful album called ‘Supernatural’ that eventually won eight Grammy awards and sold nearly 15 million copies in the United States alone. The albums were one of the most famous works of Santana.

Personal Life

Personal Life and Las Vegas Show

He became a naturalized US citizen in 1965 and married daughter of the blues musician named, Deborah in 1973. After giving birth to three kids, he co-founded a non-profit organization called the Miracle Foundation. The NGO extended medical and educational help to the needy. However, the couple was divorced in 2007, under irreconcilable differences. However, he was engaged to Cindy Blackman in 2010 and were married the same year.  After winning many Latin Grammy and Grammy awards, he now lives and also performs live shows in Vegas.

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