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Top 9 Best Songs by Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

The Spanish singer, actor, and songwriter was born on May 8th 1975 and is now considered as the King of Latin pop music. He started as an artist in the mid-1990s and is now the biggest stars in Latin America and also made a great name in the United States as well. Over the course of his profession, he has signed a release contract with various music groups and has given hits in every genre. Here is a list of his top 9 hits

Rhythm Divine

It is his second single after the international super hit Bailamos that won hearts of many. Rhythm Divine also followed the same team as that o Bailamos which included Paul Barry and Mark Taylor.



As this popularity and music distribution grew, so did his music and its diversity which linked him different levels of success. The heartbeat made double-platinum hits and status in Australia, and it is one of the most seductive songs in any of his album.

Not in Love

Not in Love was improvised by Kelly adding additional lyrics and vocals which remained his single for three years.


The hero was released as a shock to the world, which helped regain the 9/11 atrocities and it looked like the song was crafted for the moment. Despite being no.1 in the UK, the song also topped the Billiards for a long time


Bailando remained at the top of the US billboard for a whopping 41 weeks in the Spanish version and this as later released as an international remix with the English version sung by Sean Paul. The song was popular enough to win three Latin Grammys and various amounts of Billboard accolades.

I like It

After a wait of so many years, there was a song finally that mixed and matched English with other languages, featuring Pitbull. This proved his growing confidence while satisfying the crowd and their demands. The song topped the stateside club charts.

Tonight I’m Lovin You

Tonight I’m Lovin You

It is a big hit the 2010s. It is one of the favorites even to dance to the beats of the track. With Ludacris joining Enrique in the video, the song again took the singer to the United States top 10 and worked a lot of sales worldwide.


The classy bend of contemporary and pop with some top notes was a super hit in the previous century and was a dance number in every party and house parties. It remained two weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, which actually surpassed the expectation for the singer.

Dirty Dancer

This is the most stellar of all of his collaborations. The song was initially released in 2011 and was already a club banger in the first few weeks of the release The super slick video of the song was directed by Yasha Malekzad which crosses ver 130 million views today. It is also considered as the top numbers of the US dance charts.

Everything you need to know about Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana was born on July 20 in 1947, to a Mexican-American family. He is famous for his Rock, jazz, Afro-Cuban and bluse in Latin sound.  Santana rose to fame as a guitarist between late 1960s and early 1970s when he created his own band called ‘Santana’ which was also pioneered in the fusion of Rock ‘n Roll and the Latin American jazz. His music in Latin style rose to popularity in the late 1990s. Sanatan’s work was listed in the Rolling Stone magazine in 2015 at no 20 on 100 of the most famous guitarists.

Early Life and Career

Carlos Santana was in born in 1947 on July 20. He started playing the violin at the age of five and then decided to play the guitar when he was eight years old, following the footsteps of his brother who was also a professional guitarist. He started the ‘Santana Blues Band’ in 1966. The band included artists from the various backgrounds by 1968 as Santana believed to have diversity in his band. Szabo’s work “Gypsy Queen” inspired Santana so much that it was later used in this composition “Black Magic Woman”. He also included the album “Mr Szabo” as a tribute to him. Despite being sexually assaulted at the age of 10 and 12, he came thought the situations and hardships in his life.


Carlos Santana was deeply influenced by famous artists such as T-bone Walker, John Lee Hooker and much other jazz and blues artists in 1950, which drew his attention away from college. He also actively participated in the growing hippie movement in the 1960s in San Francisco. After spending several years as a dishwasher, he finally decided to take up music as a full-time prof0ession. Once his work started being recognized by musicians, audience and artists, he was featured to play the guitar for albums of famous musicians like David Brown etc.

Commercial success

After having years of success in the musical field and industry, Santana kicked off his 1990s musical debuts in four different albums called ‘Spirits Dancing in the Fiesh’, ‘Milagro’, ‘Sacred Fire’ and ‘Brothers’. However, the sales of all the albums dropped, and eventually, there was no recording contract left for him to sign. Hence, he toured around the world to encourage young artists, which resulted in his most successful album called ‘Supernatural’ that eventually won eight Grammy awards and sold nearly 15 million copies in the United States alone. The albums were one of the most famous works of Santana.

Personal Life

Personal Life and Las Vegas Show

He became a naturalized US citizen in 1965 and married daughter of the blues musician named, Deborah in 1973. After giving birth to three kids, he co-founded a non-profit organization called the Miracle Foundation. The NGO extended medical and educational help to the needy. However, the couple was divorced in 2007, under irreconcilable differences. However, he was engaged to Cindy Blackman in 2010 and were married the same year.  After winning many Latin Grammy and Grammy awards, he now lives and also performs live shows in Vegas.

Latin Artists to Watch in 2020

Latin Artists

Latin music is always on demand which allows people to rise as an artist. There are many who are trying to look for new talent, and getting the right exposure is important. We want to make sure that you have access to the best artists in Latin American that you can follow in 2020.


Guaynaa has blown out of proportion when it comes to his bawdy rhymes. There are many who dedicate his style of music to the place that he was born in, Puerto Rico. This has allowed him to create his style, which is brashy. This is a 26-year-old Puerto Rican Rapper who is known for his cheeky lyrics and his wit. He is one of the names which earn his way into the Billboard charts.



Cazzu has been an underground artist for over ten years. She wants to make sure to establish a name for herself as the best. She is one of the few women who have killed the game in South American country’s make dominated trap. She also boats herself to be an Emo girl with her vocals who talks about love, heartbreak and second chances. She is someone who has a stage presence like no other, and with her fierce attitude, she has grown to be one of the biggest artists.


Lunay launches his album in 2019 and is a rising name in Puerto Rico. He was also in the billboard charts with his Soltera remix. His style of music is freestyle videos and other social media platforms which saw rising he is signed into Chris Jeday and Gaby Music developing his career.

Grupo Firme

Grupo Firme

Grupo Firme is a Tijuana based group who is always growing and has topped the Billboard charts many times with their cover Banda El Recodo’s Cada Vez Te Extrano Mas.’ which features EL Yaki. He is gaining his popularity due to the Norteno style ballads and upbeat ranches which can get you moving on the tunes.


Camilo is a 25-year-old signed to the Sony Music Latin and HAMM. He made his debut with his first single No Te Vayas. The video generated over 59 million views on YouTube and is still growing. Even Shakira loved the song so much that she jumped right away with the remix and soon he is ready to launch his debut album and touring.

Natanael Cano

Natanael Cano

Natanael Cano is a new name in the game which has killed off his career in the year 2019. He is an 18-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter which can allow you to have the right rising trap movement helping one shed the right spotlight on lyric and melodies which can allow them to have the right swag to the younger audience.

Shakira – Queen of Latin Music


Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is Colombian songwriter, musician, singer, producer, actress, dancer and a philanthropist who was born on 2nd February 1977. She was regarded as the queen on Latin music for her choice and versatility in the industry. She started her journey as early as at 13 years when she was featured in the Sony Music Colombia. After completing her first four albums in different languages, she enters into a fifth one in the English language, called Laundry Service which was released in 2001. This single sold 13 million copies all over the world. She also became a leading cross over artist for her albums “Wherever, Whenever” and “Underneath Your Clothes”.

Early Life and Career

Shakira was born in 1977 in Colombia and was raised as a Catholic. At the age of six, she started writing poetry and eventually evolved into songs. After losing her brother to an accident, she wrote her first song in Latin that translated ‘Your Dark Glasses’,  that resembled her father’s grief hid behind the dark glasses.

After everyday practice of belly dancing, she was invited to participate in events at the age of 10 and 13, which helped gain recognition and gained her first contract for the Sony Music Colombia in 1990. She gained exposure after her first singles ‘Magia’ was aired on the Colombian radio. Since her first albums were a commercial failure, Sony decided to fun for the third one as her last chance for the contract and the album reached immense popularity. Shakira’s third album not only gained her popularity but also was the top 5 songs on the US Billboard Latin charts.

She arranged her first international tour in 1996 for a year, and it consisted of 20 shows in various regions and countries. Since then her fame and popularity in grew up the graph.



She started the Pies Descalzos Foundation, which is a Colombian charity and other international groups as well. The foundations laid emphasis on the education of the needy and their aid for healthy food and shelter. So far, the organization has constructed five schools that provide free education and meals to over 4000 unprivileged students.

Awards and achievements

Apart from being titles as the Top Female Latin Artist of the decade, during the course of her music career, Shakira received various awards including

  • Grammys
  • 12 Latin Grammys award
  • 39 Billboard Latin Music Awards
  • 6 Guinness World records
  • 7 Billboard Music Awards

Shakira is also the most-streamed Latin artist on Spotify and is also one of the three female Latin artists to cross over 2 billion views on Youtube. Adding to her award collections are the Latin recording. Academy person of the year and the President’s Advisory comments on Education Excellence for Hispanics. She was also the top-earning women in 2008 and 2019, according to the listing of Forbes. She’s also performed thrice in the openings of the FIF World cup.

Bad Bunny: Facts about the rapper you probably didn’t know

Bad Bunny

The Puerto Rican singer and rapper were born on March 10th in 1994. His original name is Benito Antonio Martinez who is popularly called Bad Bunny. Some interesting facts of the singer/rapper are mentioned in this article. Check them out!

  • If you haven’t heard of him, then you’re living under the rock because Bad Bunny is one of the top stars in the world currently. This 26-year-old artist started releasing his music and albums in 2016, and he’s won hearts ever since.
  • Benito Antonio Martinez named himself Bad Bunny after he was forced to wear a bunny costume to school, in his childhood. He was photographed looking very upset and angry and hence the bad in the name.
  • Benny grew up in Vega Baja and San Juan in his early days and was raised alongside his two younger brothers.
  • Before he gained fame, Bad Bunny bagged groceries in a supermarket. After which his luck turned tables, and he emerged as an artist (singer/rapper) in 2016.

Benito Antonio Martinez

  • Bad Benny receives nearly six million Spotify listeners on a monthly basis and over a billion views for all his music videos on Youtube. He managed to achieve this number in a year.
  • Benny won the Latin Grammy awards in the category of the Best Urban Music Album for his album X 100PRE, in 2019.
  • Before dating Gabriela Berlingeri in 2017, Benny was in a committed relationship with Carliz de la Cruz for five years.
  • He grew his fame after the release of his song ‘Diles’ on Sound cloud. DJ Julian signed him for the album ‘Hear This Music’. Post which, Benny stated taking over the Latin Trap and produced so many international hits like ‘Soy Peor’ and ‘Mayores‘ featuring famous artists like Becky G. During the course of his career, Benny has also worked with renowned artists like Nicky Minaj, Daddy Yankee and Maluma.
  • Bad Benny also gained immense popularity all over the world after the releases of his album X 100PRE, which is an abbreviation for “Por Sisemore” in Spanish. This album was released in 2018, which includes songs like MIA (feat Drake) and ‘Caro’.
  • More than his Latin land, Benny is famous in his English speaking world, as he has collaborated with some of the most popular stars in the industry like Cardi B and J Balvin. He was the part of a smash hit ‘I Like It’ released in 2018. The song reached over one billion listens on Spotify and has sold over 8,000,000 copies in the US alone.
  • The sexuality of the singer is a topic of talk from the time he reached his ‘Caro’ music in 2018, featuring a man kissing him. He hasn’t opened up about his sexuality and keeps it a secret from his fans.
  • He’s a trans ally which gained proof when he wore a skirt and a shirt to his recent concert in February 2020, showcasing his support for the murder of the transgender woman of Puerto Rica Alexa Negron Luciano.