Top 9 Best Songs by Enrique Iglesias

The Spanish singer, actor, and songwriter was born on May 8th 1975 and is now considered as the King of Latin pop music. He started as an artist in the mid-1990s and is now the biggest stars in Latin America and also made a great name in the United States as well. Over the course of his profession, he has signed a release contract with various music groups and has given hits in every genre. Here is a list of his top 9 hits

Rhythm Divine

It is his second single after the international super hit Bailamos that won hearts of many. Rhythm Divine also followed the same team as that o Bailamos which included Paul Barry and Mark Taylor.



As this popularity and music distribution grew, so did his music and its diversity which linked him different levels of success. The heartbeat made double-platinum hits and status in Australia, and it is one of the most seductive songs in any of his album.

Not in Love

Not in Love was improvised by Kelly adding additional lyrics and vocals which remained his single for three years.


The hero was released as a shock to the world, which helped regain the 9/11 atrocities and it looked like the song was crafted for the moment. Despite being no.1 in the UK, the song also topped the Billiards for a long time


Bailando remained at the top of the US billboard for a whopping 41 weeks in the Spanish version and this as later released as an international remix with the English version sung by Sean Paul. The song was popular enough to win three Latin Grammys and various amounts of Billboard accolades.

I like It

After a wait of so many years, there was a song finally that mixed and matched English with other languages, featuring Pitbull. This proved his growing confidence while satisfying the crowd and their demands. The song topped the stateside club charts.

Tonight I’m Lovin You

Tonight I’m Lovin You

It is a big hit the 2010s. It is one of the favorites even to dance to the beats of the track. With Ludacris joining Enrique in the video, the song again took the singer to the United States top 10 and worked a lot of sales worldwide.


The classy bend of contemporary and pop with some top notes was a super hit in the previous century and was a dance number in every party and house parties. It remained two weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, which actually surpassed the expectation for the singer.

Dirty Dancer

This is the most stellar of all of his collaborations. The song was initially released in 2011 and was already a club banger in the first few weeks of the release The super slick video of the song was directed by Yasha Malekzad which crosses ver 130 million views today. It is also considered as the top numbers of the US dance charts.

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